Embracing Roothub’s Events for the Future

Embracing Roothub’s Events for the Future

Embracing Roothub’s events for the future and optimum productivity has been a recurring topic on my mind in recent times.  Sometimes I wish I could reach out to every young man on the streets of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and preach directly into their skull that there is a window to escape poverty if they can painstakingly become a part of the tech ecosystem.

Roothub is one of the leading hubs in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital. Strategically situated at AKEES Plaza, opposite the popular Ibom hall on IBB Way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.  The twin brothers and co-founders of the hub works tirelessly in creating the enabling environment for every young person in the  State to acquire tech skills.

From graphic design to coding to gamification, the hub offers several opportunities for every young person.  As a tech evangelist who is bent on preaching the advantages of being a techie at the slightest opportunity, I have followed the activities of this hub in the past months and years and believe I should draw your attention to what you stand to gain by embracing these opportunities through several tech events at the hub.

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Embracing Roothub’s Events for the Future

There is the ‘meet & greet session’ for the 5th edition of #StartConFest which is set to hold today Friday, 12th of July by 3.00pm at the hub. #StartConFest2019 is a 3 day annual business, technology and creative event that sets to promote and produce startups in different fields like fashion, technology, food and others.

It will include exhibitions for brand exposure, Masterclasses, food festivals, music, game shows, and also an opportunity to take a glimpse at the future of technology while experiencing different creative and fun activities.

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The hub has also organized 20 days design and code challenge which began on Thursday the 11th of July, 2019. Though this program is for developers with skills in technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and a good knowledge of the basic tools like photoshop, draw.io, Corel Draw, codepen.io etc. This can offer you an opportunity as a novice to begin your journey in tech as you meet with these developers.

Finally there is the Roothub Kids Bootcamp this holidays from August 5th to August 23rd 2019 by 10am – 2pm daily. Accepted Ages for this program is 5 – 17yrs old kids. These kids will learn coding, graphics design, game development, photography, 3D printing, Animation, Arts & Crafts and lots more. You can register on www.theroothub.com/kbc before 2nd August to get your kid initiated into the tech world at an early stage.

If you check the list of events lined up above, you can see that there are several opportunities for you at the Roothub as far as a career in tech is concerned.  There is poverty, there is hunger but as a Tech Evangelist I will proudly tell you that many young people have been lifted out of these vices through their initiation into the tech industry.


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