085BTC: What it is, and why YOU must be involved


If there is any place in the world one can sweat over finding the right place to shop, that place definitely is Uyo. Recently I had an experience. My rugged walk-about shoe has finally bowed to old age and is gradually tilting to one side especially on the left foot. Though it can still withstand the pressure of trekking from the Ibom e-library to IBB round about, AKEES Plaza to same roundabout or 69 Enwe Street to Oron Road, I knew with the once or twice the Abokis has done some jobs on it, it was time I find a new one.

Just after Oron Road by four lanes is a shop that sells OK shoe (if you don’t know what an OK is, please use the comment box), but unfortunately the guy didn’t have the type of shoe I was looking for. I checked some shops around the place and noticed those dudes forming merchants of pure Italian shoe had some stuff from Dubai and maybe Aba, mixed in their sales. A glance at those seemingly authentic shops with blue bulbs inside, proved those guys had one or two fake stuffs beautifying their shelves, so to avoid regrets, I checked out.

Armed with my android phone, I googled shops for Brand New Italian shoe in Uyo, then Okrika – Italian Uyo, second hand shoe Uyo, etc. so the googling continued and the results were all in the  negative.  Most annoying was when google kept popping up shoe shops in Italy even after I have added Uyo to the search. After a fruitless search, I gave up and went to where I could get a trusted Dubai/Aba than buy same for a price of an Italian shoe – don’t ask me why I didn’t check into some of those bigtime shops on your mind.

Now before hosting this website, I had thought of using it to showcase products and shops in Uyo as much as I could. Infact, the design of this site carries entrepreneurship at its core and Digital Marketing more than anything I intend to showcase on this site. That’s because, in Akwa Ibom ecosystem I have come to realized that there are so many potentials and businesses that just lie there untapped because no one talks about them. Leveraging therefore on the current technology trend, I had decided to be the mouthpiece of all small and medium businesses in Uyo.

Apart from great tech skills, there are certain businesses that are worth spreading across the entire country but because no one knows or talks about them, they continue to struggle as small startups when they should have metamorphosed to conglomerates. With my knowledge in tech therefore, this domain was registered for the sole purpose of achieving this aim.

However, the formation of an ecosystem will usually see more ideas emerging and a more solid collaboration. Therefore, when I received a call from one of the outstanding hubs in Uyo for the formation of such collaboration I made haste to attend the scheduled meeting.

085 is Akwa Ibom Telecommunication Code. The founders of the six outstanding hubs in Akwa Ibom State therefore came together under a single umbrella tagged 085BTC to establish a presence that will aid the successes of businesses within Uyo. The BTC in the acronym simply means Business Technology and Culture.  The hub founders expect to use technology to develop solutions to improve the Businesses, Tech ideas and the cultural heritage of the entire Akwa Ibom people.

Director, ALERT Nigeria, Mr. Iboro Otu poses with hub founders after the maiden meeting to launch the code 085BTC

Forming a community is easier than establishing an ecosystem. For these tech entrepreneurs to achieve their aim, they held a maiden meeting and elected a coordinator. The coordinator is to visit the six hubs in Uyo to know what products they have for the ecosystem.  Now why I say it is easier to form a community than an ecosystem is that, a community is a group of people with the same intention and maybe professionalism. An ecosystem on the other hand, is a collection of the entire specie existing within the habitat.

Therefore, the man whose environment is littered with cans or the one whose business is dying can reach out to the ecosystem where there is always a solution to every problem. With the successes recorded so far, the tech entrepreneurs are optimistic that all necessary authorities and subjects will cooperate in finding solutions for each other. For now, the hub heads are working together as the strongest force to extract all necessary ideas and talents to help build the Akwa Ibom ecosystem.

ALERT Nigeria is however giving her massive support, morally and otherwise to see to the success of this project. TechForest.NG is however the official partner and the six hubs include the Start Innovation Hub, Root Hub, Express Hub, Entreprise Hub and Hubitz. It must be recalled that while trying to find solutions for our ecosystem currently, ALERT Nigeria is sponsoring an essay competition which will help developers find solutions to some of the identified problems within the Akwa Ibom ecosystem… To be continued


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