2018 in View

2018 in View

I knew you will make it to 2018.  Here we are and I know you’ve had a nice time celebrating the new year with all its pomp. “This year is going to be great,” our various men of God have promised.  Prophesies are already out and various politicians have already been warned by our men of God not to go into the 2019 polls.  Like King Ahab of the days of Elijah, we’re still expecting their posters and their campaign trends. However, if God has not anointed you for 2019, please kindly save the cash and invest with us to build the numerous talents we have in techforest.

So, what are our expectations this year? Away from politics, we are seeing a lot of activities in the ecosystem in Nigeria South.  Last year Iboro Otu’s led ALERT Nigeria instituted the IOLED Program and 24 young people in Akwa Ibom State were commissioned to go into the business of community development. These young people were gotten through the IOLED Essay competition where solutions to our local problems were provided.

Of course, you can recall Mark Essien’s Hotels.NG internship program that produced 50 successful interns into the software development business in Uyo. I bet you those guys are already enjoying their ‘alerts’ as I am sending this new year wishes.

We have six active hubs in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria and we will be working round the clock to make sure we update you with the activities in these hubs.  We have various startups that are gradually finding a space in the entrepreneurial world. Therefore, we will look at these startups and see how your business can be incorporated into their dreams for optimum results.

Late last year we started the campaign to #save_Ibom_Science_Park dream.  This campaign is aimed at drawing public attention to what we can gain by revamping the already abandoned Ibom Science Park in Akwa Ibom State.  Honestly speaking, what is needed to get the place running is just our will power and government co-operation.  With the Science Park dream actualized, we will be sure we have a place we can all walk into and our various ICT problems are solved with the snap of the fingers.

We are looking forward to a more rewarding relationship with the Ministry of Science and Technology and we hope to see how we can work with the government to secure the future of our youths in the sector. AKEES is a government program designed to help young startups stand out and so we are expecting some startups to give some testimonies on their engagement with the directorate of the program. Presently, most people in the tech world has lost faith in the government but we are not relenting this year as we hope to remind the government of what techies and young people in Akwa Ibom should benefit from the little allocation that is coming into the state.

So many things are to be done this year. Meanwhile have you bought your diary? Get one and try recording progresses and obstacles. This will help you know how far you have gone and what your target should be as we progress into the year. Last year we started having a working relationship with some hubs in Rivers State, Abia State and Cross River State. This year we are looking forward to work with these hubs to produce the needed results in the tech sphere and to even expand to cover the entire Niger Delta and South Eastern States. South South and South East is our target and if you are running any business that requires tech in anyway within this region, then techforest is where you rightly belong.

The businesses we will offer you in techforest apart from the usual stories on startups, hubs tech events and generally media, we will offer Digital Marketing, Software and Web Development, in fact all tech services that could be found in our region mostly in partnership with members in our ecosystems.  You can connect with us through our contact menu and your solution is assured.

Once again Happy New Year and Stay with us in this virtual forest. Together, 2018 will be great.


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