7 Reasons Why You Must Attend DevFest Aba

DevFest Aba

It is no longer news that Google Developer Leads in the South-South and South-Eastern part of Nigeria voted Aba, Abia State as the next host for the Developers’ Festival (DevFest) 2017. DevFest is the biggest google event that brings google mentors, managers and developers together to network, learn, train and explore. Such programs also witness the pitching of Startups and sharing of ideas which later become a useable technology within a particular region.  Below are 7 reasons why you must attend the next Developers’ Festival in Aba, Abia State.

  • An Opportunity to Network: Ordinarily attending parties helps young people find new friends. In the tech world therefore, attending tech event of DevFest magnitude opens techies to an incomparable networking experience. Countless testimonies are told of how techies struggled with a project or ideas only to find solution during a tech event. Sometimes you only have to introduce yourself to your new friend, telling him/her of your difficulties only to discover that the line of code that has been giving you several sleepless nights was what others had conquered and it can be solved without any hesitation.  Business owners also find opportunity to connect with developers who can design various solutions for their businesses while developers also find potential clients at such great gathering.
  • Encourage the Developers in Abia State: If there is an ecosystem in the world that needs encouragement, it is that of Nigeria South-South/South-East where little or no funding is gotten either from the government or the private sector. Attending DevFest Aba will be a boost to the Abia State ecosystem and a kind of saying “thumps up guys, keep doing what you’re doing I am with you.” You may see such encouragement as being trivial but it goes a long way as a moral boost.
  • Pitch Your Product: Have you developed a product you are sure will solve one or two problems for the users. DevFest Aba 2017 is one of the avenue to pitch your product to a handful of persons for evaluation and eventual use.  Pitching products at events helps developers and entrepreneurs get the desired market for their products.  I therefore encourage you to be in Aba come November this year, so you can let the world know about your startup
  • Traveling brings Experience: Idorenyin Ekong never had any formal education but by traveling round the globe she gathered so much knowledge about different fields that she was able to interact with all classes of men. Travelling down to Aba, Abia State could be another way of exposing you to the life in the Eastern part of Nigeria.  An interaction within the Abia ecosystem could be a window to new ideas or you can even find a problem which you hold a solution to.  Therefore, for those of us who values learning over all, meeting at DevFest Aba will guarantee one of such experiences.
  • What’s New? If there is any sector of the economy that is dynamic, it is the Information Technology Sector. Most people operating in different fields today can confess that they left their computers for just a week and when they booted their system again they seemed lost within their own installed programs.  This is because of the dynamic nature of technology. Meeting at DevFest event therefore opens you up to many new technologies in the market which as a developer or entrepreneur you can take advantage of.  Definitely, more new tools will be introduced during the various sections of the event therefore as a developer or entrepreneur you must be in Aba, Abia State to have a first hand feel of these tools which will aid your work and businesses.
  • You Need a Revival: Many a religious persons will admonish their believers and followers to always “come together.” Aside the spiritual undertone of such gathering, each time a group of people of like minds gather, there is always a spirit of revival that usually sweep across the such gathering. For developers, enthusiasts or entrepreneurs who might have been weary typing codes or trying to push his/her business online over a couple of times, faith could be restored while meeting in such gathering as DevFest Aba, 2017.  Having an interaction with tech experts will not only boost one’s morale but can spark up new ideas on how to get things done the better way. This revival is necessary for you and I feel this is one of the reasons why you must be in Aba in November this year.
  • Aba as an Industrial Hub: If you buy something your friends regards as inferior, they will usually refer to it as Aba. But recently like Taiwan, Aba has evolved from the known producer of low quality product to the major producer of most goods consumed within the South-South and South-Eastern part of Nigeria. While the present government canvasses the consumption of locally made products, Aba had already carved a niche for itself as the industrial Hub of the South.  It is therefore economical to join thousands of developers around the world to visit the city of Aba and see the business opportunities that lie in the Abia State ecosystem.



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