APTECH Education Centre, blending the Past with the Future

Inibehe Otoho, APTECH
APTECH Business Head, Mr. Inibehe Otoho

The future is always confusing when proper history is not kept of a development. Akwa Ibom ecosystem is one of the emerging ecosystems in the Niger Delta region.  It has evolved over the years with many experiences obtained, shared and sometimes even hoarded all to the growth of the ecosystem. But then while looking up to the future it is pertinent to look back and say a big thank you for the efforts of the patriarchs in the industry. Bearing in mind such need, I paid a visit to Mr. Inibehe Otoho of APTECH Education Centre.

Aptech Computer Education is an internationally renowned ICT academy that started 30 years ago in India. It has presence in 5 continents and 40 countries, with 1400 Centers worldwide. The Uyo center is managed by Inibehe Otoho and the centre was established in Uyo in 2006. With its rich curriculum the centre has groomed successful developers and entrepreneurs in the tech industry.  Now talking about training institute in Uyo it will take me a couple of articles to drive your understanding of the evolving ecosystem in terms of its purchasing power.  But in explaining why we cannot forget the labours of some of these education centres, I will attempt to say that it has taken a couple of years to build the faith of an Akwa Ibom man to part with good funding for the training of their wards in the tech industry.

APTECH therefore has been able to groom young people who later stand out as a symbol of success in their entrepreneurial life in the tech industry. While wandering how the school has been able to survive for such number of years, the business head, Mr. Inibehe Otoho said he had to look for cooperate businesses sometimes so as to help keep the facilities up to date so that Akwa Ibom youths continue to gather the needed training for the development of the ecosystem.

For instance, “there is no APTECH trainee that is looking for job. They are all employed either by companies or self-employed because our training addresses those areas as well,” the Business Head explained.  I am sure the school have opened the eye of most communities in Akwa Ibom on the possibilities of being a tech entrepreneur.  The faith has seen today’s hubs leveraging on this awareness to expand the Akwa Ibom ecosystem bigger and wider.

Mr. Inibehe Otoho is a graduate from the University of Calabar who did his youth service at Lagos under an IT firm where he garnered the needed experiences. He worked in various IT Companies in Lagos before liaising with an internationally recognized institute (APTECH) to bring his experience in building the tech industry in Uyo.

Recently I reported that Mark Essien of Hotels.NG came to Uyo to establish the holtels.ng internship program in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology all to help boost the Akwa Ibom ecosystem with more developers.  To identify the problems of the Akwa Ibom ecosystem, Mr. Iboro Otu of ALERT Nigeria also sponsored a program tagged IOLED where essay competition will be sponsored to identify the problems in the Akwa Ibom ecosystem. In order to bring out the best among hubs in Uyo, Mr. Otu led ALERT Nigeria also partners with developers from the 6 hubs to find solutions for each problem identified in the essay competition under the umbrella of 085BTC.

TechForest.NG can authoritatively report that with the massive supports and collaboration found in Akwa Ibom ecosystem, we are expecting huge surprises from this ecosystem in the nearest furure.  But while we look to the future we commend the efforts of Computer Training Centres like APTECH Education Centre for the good job done so far.


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