As We Mark the Beginning of another Era

As We Mark the Beginning of another Era


Though we now celebrate June 12 as our Democracy Day, May 29th remains memorable as we mark the beginning of another era after every four years.

During the campaigns, most candidates had set up an agenda of what is expected of them in the coming four years. Cardinal among these promises was the eradication of poverty and raising of the living standard of our people which has been on the negative curve over the decades. This is where I believe ICT has a major role to play.

As We Mark the Beginning of another Era
Again President Buhari will pilot the affairs of the country in the next four years.

Witnessing some spectacular performances or attempts at putting ICT in the lead to revive our economy in the last four years, Nigerians have high hopes as we mark the beginning of another era. Chief among these achievements was the spreading of the initially coveted StartUP Friday to cover the 6 Geopolitical zones in the country. Hence giving Developers and Startup founders hope in the administration.

Click here to read more about the StartUP Friday.

Various State governments had also put in their best to see that poverty and unemployment is tackled using Information Technology though some of these efforts were sabotaged at different levels of execution. In Akwa Ibom State for instance, the state government established the Akwa Ibom Entreprise and Entrepreneural Scheme (AKEES) meant to oversee the growth of startups in the State and to grant funding and other supports where necessary to these startups. It is expected that more will be done in the coming four years to boost the tech economy in the state through the scheme.

As We Mark the Beginning of another Era
Governor Udom Emmanuel is set to return to the hilltop mansion for the next years

We also witnessed the appointment of individuals to aid some state governors in coordinating the tech ecosystems in various states. Although some of these individuals veered into a section of the industry like social media neglecting the duty of coordinating the tech ecosystem for optimum result, it is believed that these errors in the execution of the appointee’s duties will be corrected in the next four years either through the appointment of competent hands or issuance of a marching order to those nonfunctioning aides.

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ICT has lifted thousands of individuals out of poverty. Most of the strong economies in the world today have their foundations built around technology – China and India are typical examples. Recently the NITDA Boss advocated robust investments by the government and critical stakeholders in the sector which he believes can change the economy of the entire country.

As We Mark the Beginning of another Era
Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami. DG, NITDA

Therefore as we mark the beginning of another era, leaders at various levels should sincerely seek for ways to harness the talents domiciled in the various ecosystems across the country. This will be the most sincere way of getting our people out of the present economic predicaments. Let’s think tech as we mark the beginning of another era in the history of our country.

Please understand. I am not a guru in English Language but I hope you understand the little I put up here – mostly unedited, just to make sure the idea is transmitted. We are open to more collaborations and we will appreciate your contributions at any level to help our young people acquire necessary skills in the tech industry. Our contacts are always open.


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