Building Apps to Gain National Traction

Building Apps to Gain National Traction


I hope to talk about building apps that will gain national traction in the next few series but permit me to post this article unedited. This is because any attempt to delay the expression of my thoughts here, may lead to overlooking some emotions I feel should be expressed hereof. Recently I posted a story about the Google I/O event which is coming up in Uyo on the 17th and 18th of this month. In the comment section on facebook where I shared the story from our site, Mr. Akan Ebong of Hubitz called for tech communities to start building  Apps that will gain national traction instead of hosting irrelevant events.

Building Aps to Gain National Traction
Akan Ebong is a Co-Author at The 3rd Alternative (Book) and works at Corporate Communications at Hubitz – Tech Business Hub

Lampooning the event organizers, he commented “events without practical result” and attributed such events to be “hogwash and of no value to the ecosystem.” But then how can the tech ecosystem in the Niger Delta region start building apps that will gain national traction as Akan my friend has said when there is little or no collaboration and harmonization in the ecosystem.

Some tech leads have responded and I am still waiting for more reactions so that we can all think of a proper tool for the harmonization of the entire ecosystem. The tech communities will have to work with the art communities. The engineers, doctors, technicians, artisans, clerics, women, men, children and everyone will form part of the ecosystem to achieve this. Such App will have to harmonize the energy in the art communities and each field must be represented, this is presently lacking in the Akwa Ibom ecosystem.

Building Apps to Gain National traction
Nsikak Thompson Works at Start Innovation Hub and GDG Uyo.

Although tech leads in the Akwa Ibom tech ecosystem like Francis Onuk of RootHub and Hanson Johnson of Start Innovation Hub have responded to Mr. Akan Ebong’s comments, it is also necessary to “note that products are built by people with certain level of skills. We are not just pushing to build products but to also build talents that will use the technologies offered by the likes of Google to build products that will change lives.” Nsikak Thompson posted as a reply to my comment on the post.

Google I/O event is an international event organized by Google and is always an opportunity for Google to unveil new products and train mentors on how to use these tools effectively in the promotion of businesses. Therefore, those in the art communities should endeavour to use the coming event to understand what is happening in the tech ecosystem and see how they can partner for effective collaboration. This is when Apps will start gaining National Traction though techforest attained this feat in 2017 when we were recognized by NITDA to report the StartUP Friday event in March last year.

Please understand. I am not a guru in English Language but I hope you understand the little I put up here – mostly unedited, just to make sure the idea is transmitted. We are open to more collaborations and we will appreciate your contributions at any level to help our young people acquire necessary skills in the tech industry. Our contacts are always open.

Meanwhile you still have the opportunity to register for the event .


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