Choosing a Career in the IT Industry

Choosing a Career in the IT Industry
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Oh yes! You made it again to techforest. That’s great! Awesome too, that you are taking a look at this particular post. Believe me you are going to learn a lot from this page today as regards choosing a career in the IT industry. By now if you are a consistent follower column you might have learnt one of two things on how to really boost your business using the various online platforms.

Please don’t get me wrong, the IT industry is not limited to the online platforms. I mean, when people talk about Information Technology and seems to limit the concept to social media and a few things they know about the websites and the internet, I personally seem to get confused.

There are a couple of opportunities in the IT industry. Are you surprise to hear that? Oh yes I am telling you as a practitioner in the industry. There are a whole lot of them.

My advice to most people who make enquiries in this regards is that you get started. Yes, start something. Understand the basic concepts of using a computer. Get to understand how files are stored in the system. Relate with various applications and understand the various concepts that makes certain things happen. Then you’re on your path to becoming a celebrated computer icon.

So how many opportunities do we really have in the Information Technology (IT) Industry? Like I said there are a couple of them. But how do you choose the right vocation in the industry. What I mean by the right vocation is choosing career path that appeals to you.

Get this straight. You can enter the industry career path with a zero skill level or any skill level you have presently. You can be graphic artist, a web designer, a frontend developer, a backend developer, a full stack developer, a data analyst, a software engineer, network engineers, Artificial Intelligent (AI), robotics and a couple of them.

Choosing a Career in the IT Industry
Industry players believe Artificial Intelligence is the future

Sometimes it sounds very funny when people give me their android phones to fix. Hahaha, sounds funny right? I mean I have nothing to do fixing the broken screens of an android phone. In the career development path there are also hardware repairers or engineers and even the android phone repairer is seen as a mobile phone repairer and not a laptop or desktop hardware repairer or engineer. Well, on the street most practitioners will tell you they do everything in the industry.

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So next time you are finding solution to your IT problem, ask your employee what is his area of specialization. If he says “I do everything,” just run because you may not find a solution to your problem. However, for IT companies like TechForest SoftTechnologies Ltd. various skills are brought together to deliver different solutions.

Therefore when you think of choosing a career in the IT industry, you must consider your skill level and what are the demands for the specific field you are targeting.

What do I mean here? The skills needed to become a robotic engineer or a machine learning engineer is not the same as becoming a graphic artist or a digital marketer. So putting the cost for the acquisition of these skills and considering the depth of your pocket will help you come out successful or unsuccessful in any field you are choosing.

Finally, consider your environment. It is quite true that you can work remotely on any project round the world but sometimes it is better to start your journey into the industry from what is most popular in your environs.

For instance, if you notice that most small businesses around you needs that simple connection to the internet to optimize their sales output, it is advisable that you get the basics in web design and development. This will help you put your skill into play while advancing in the industry.

Finally in choosing a career in the IT Industry you can make the first move by visiting hubs closer to you. In Nigeria South we have hubs like Rad 5 Tech Hub in Aba, Abia State, The Root Hub in Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Start Innovation Hub and here in TechForest.

I know you have learnt one or two things from this today and I look forward to celebrating your entrance into the industry. Wishing you the best in advance as you make that bold decision to join the world of techies and developers. Good luck.


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