Deadly Strategies for a Consummate Digital Marketer 3. Occupy the Religious High Grounds:

Deadly Strategies Digital Marketer
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Neglect religion at your own risk when aiming at a loyal army of dispersed marketers. No matter the level of civility, since man has not been able to come to conclusion on the terms as regards God, man is continually tied to these age-long convictions bordered on religion and faith. You must explore people’s emotions as they are tied to religion. Strategise your campaign to bear a religious undertone. God is real and you must tailor your campaigns to reflect the people’s thought about their religion and faith. Be an avenue for their evangelism. Seem to believe on what they believe. Befriend their god while holding on to your faith. Imitate their styles and think as they do, then insinuate your product or brand and watch as they build networks that will become your operation zones. Let’s take a look at this.

In strategizing your campaigns to bear a religious undertone, you must focus on the need of the people and the core values of the religion by which a greater number of your listeners are adapted to. For instance, it will be foolhardy for you to preach wealth and affluence to followers whose faith is in the afterlife. You will also be seen as one who is vain if the religion of your target audience condemns in totality the struggles for earthly wealth. On the other hand, neglecting the exploitation of a faith which is solely defined for the present life and its attainments will present you as a curse to your followers who need to maximize every present opportunity for their immediate wealth. The following strategies are therefore designed to help you create a religious followership for your brand. Remember, as a consummate digital marketer, your target is to sell and sell to your audience and at the same time convert them to be your allies at different locations.

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Transform Your Campaigns into Crusade: In drawing out this strategy, you must focus on the needs of your followers. You must create a ‘we versus them’ strategy to keep them faithful to the cause which of course is aimed at selling your products or brand. Once you have established that faithful followership, you are now sure of having evangelists at different locations carrying the message of your products far and wide. You are now the messiah that can only be called upon to only clarify one or two issues, strengthening their faith. Your power base is increased by the number of sub groups you have been able to establish at different locations. But be sure to take the lead.

To achieve this, you need to segment your forces. Draw a marketing plan that will see your followers from different locations having leads they can easily fall to for advice. Endeavor to see the digital marketing space as a group of infidels and unbelievers who must be conquered. While establishing groups and special accounts, you should pay attention to comments and reactions from your followers. This will help you pick out leads, those who will serve as your evangelizers. Copy the strategies of organized religions. Offer training to such leads to a point at which they become partially independent while they readily rely on you for more information. You are now sitting at the center of the project while your allies spread the message far and wide, buying for themselves and offering instructions to all your potential customers.

By late 2010 the message of natural herbs as the best healing remedy had permeated every nook and cranny of Akwa Ibom State. Names of such herbal businesses like Gogo Cleanser, Shea butter etc. has filled every corner of the capital city and networking business became the order of the day. The marketers preached of their determination to wipe away all forms of sicknesses while some even promised eternal life on earth as their herbal medicines was able to revert aging bodies to that of babies, people trooped in to patronize these new solutions that was to take away death and reduce the stress of visiting hospitals.

The message by these marketers was simple. We are fighting poverty by giving you a lasting health solution. They promised a life of no stress once you take their drugs. Before long, testimonies of the effect of these drugs filtered everywhere. Radio programs were created to accommodate these marketers. Investors were encouraged to deposit a certain amount of money and at the end of every sales year, they would have gained a fabulous amount of money as the company was to share interests at certain periods. Indeed herbal medicines soon replaced trained doctors in rural areas and even the capital city of Akwa Ibom State.

Understand this: The main owners of the business were in places like Lagos and Ibadan. Most of those who introduced the business in Uyo only got to learn about the business on the internet. Read some materials and understand how the business works. As they pay to become investors in the business, the products were sent and they became dealers spreading the message across to a wider region. Other people were also introduced into the business same way while the main marketers or business owners only surfaced once or twice on a radio or television program to encourage his teaming followers as new followers joined the trend.

This is the strategy you should adapt while designing the template for your digital marketing strategy. Become the Pope, the Bishop, Imam, Sheik, Monk, etc. Build up followership in such a way that your followers now have other followers who believe in the product and will sacrifice anything to make sure that the message is spread far and wide. Insinuate a promise of greater rewards, let your followers understand that the success of the team eventually becomes their successes too. By so doing, you are able to sell to a larger audience and you now hold your customers as great allies who works tirelessly to bring other users into your business.

Identify the common enemy. Remember, every religion has that hidden enemy we are all fighting. It could be the mythic Satan of the Christian Religion or the Infidels of the Islamic religion. If such enemy cannot be fathomed while designing the template for your digital marketing strategy, create one. In your case it can be poverty, it could be infidelity, and it could be health problems, etc. Once your followers can see these enemies as the source of their afflictions, they will work tirelessly to eliminate them through the use of your products and brands. Once you create this fear in them, be sure to open these wounds wider and deeper. Create contents that bring these problems to the fore while insinuating your brand as the solution to these problems.

While creating this movement, rewards and punishments is a very essential ingredients. Create avenues of having feedback from your users and patrons. Such feedback will help you understand how your associates are working in promoting your brand at various locations. Once you have feelings of discontents, move in fast and establish yourself as the master. Inspire confidence in your customers by punishing such erring ally while promising a better service and satisfaction to your teaming customers and followers. However, if there is a positive result from a particular sub group, invite all other leaders and reward the loyal partner openly. This will create a healthy competition within the system as other members of the team will struggle to impress you. A movement is now created.

Once such movement is established, organize meetings that will create avenues for you to meet your customers on a one to one basis. Inspire them and boost their morale with lofty words and grand gestures. Your followers now have the opportunity of meeting you who have been a virtual image all along. Now you are with them. You interact with them. You feel their pains and can really understand their passion as regards the call. Offer promises that will be taken as news into the remotest parts of the earth bringing you as many customers and patrons as possible. This has been the strategies adopted by various religions in the world, and you must not shy away from implementing this strategy in your digital marketing template. In all, you should never give free hand to your allies that they no longer rely in you. Else they will soon attach themselves to another marketer who offers a better reward and may woo your customers to patronize other brands.


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