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Today I threw myself on a series of thought down the memory lane, my experiences and the entire journey to this day. I feel and realise that there are stories that should be kept somewhere in an app so that future generation will learn from without passing through same experience.

I decided to enter the world of entrepreneurship sometime in my late teens when I came in contact with a book titled “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. There were various strategies to achieve such feats and the author was careful in highlighting them.  The author had however warned of some obstacles when trying to become an entrepreneur but the rewards he promised, were worth the energy. One of such obstacles is trying to live like other people.  After reading the book to a certain level, I realized that becoming an entrepreneur was more of a call.  You have to burn the ship in the shore and you must never look back in your decision to become one.

Now several other authors told stories relating how you need and must choose a mentor.  “Mentorship in entrepreneurship is as relevant as having capital for a startup,” the authors emphasized. Following these books then was as religious an activity as living my normal lifestyle.  So, after my youth service I decided to put to practice what I have learnt over the years from a collection of authors.

Taking ICT as a career, I understood quickly that content was one of the key factors of running a successful web application.  Before thinking of the importance of videos and animations, I decided to create contents in text.  After building websites for my clients, I will undertake to manage the sites.  One advantage was that while managing the sites, I was forced to read wider so that I can create text contents strong enough to hold my visitors to my pages.  It was tedious as I also learnt one or two new technologies to help me stay resilient in my career.

Mentorship in the IT sector is rare in this region and so while taking the available assumed successful entrepreneurs, I decided to remain focused on IT.  The experiences will take several pages and your patience may run out while reading my story. But then I am here to encourage you to practice all that your spirit tells you is the best for you.  Like the scriptures will instruct Joshua, do not deviate either from the left or to the right. Put to practice all that you will learn.  Every mentor is a lesson for you. The mistake they make today is what you will learn from, as they fall or rise in their businesses tomorrow.

Therefore, since we all know that death is an inevitable end, what are we doing to keep every memory of every moment we encounter.  Just as we learn from our mentors today, our children don’t have to pass through this experience on their way to greatness.  If we truly believe that entrepreneurship is the way for those in the Niger Delta region what records are we keeping about great entrepreneurs in the region? At least this will help our children have a smooth sail into the world of entrepreneurship.

A thought for an app came over my mind.  Today it may look common to keep the record of every great man walking the soil of the mangrove swamp forest.  Nobody cares what the other man is doing in his sector – in politics, business and even crime.  One thing we have forgotten is that every person’s story serves as a source of inspiration or lessons to another, sometimes just in a matter of 5 years from today. If I put all my stories in one big app telling the stories of my encounters, it may serve as a source of lesson for our generation yet unborn and our children will never live to repeat our mistakes.

I know you came into techforest to see and know what is happening in the South South and South Eastern part of Nigeria ecosystem. What story then can you share with us that can help us develop something that will future generation in Africa.  The problem of not keeping memories has made our leaders forget how their stories may be told tomorrow. Today Mark Essien of Hotels.NG is helping people book hotels across Africa as his contribution to help alleviate the problem of tourist being frustrated during their adventures.

What is the problem in your area? What are the motivations? Do you see any opportunity around you? Do you already have a start up you wish to share in techforest? Send us a mail at or check our contact and call us. We will be glad to share your ideas with techies in the ecosystem and see how the problem could be solved. Thank you for the interest in our ecosystem. Stay with us and continue to connect.


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