How to manage your Social Media Accounts

Social Media

Sometimes it could be annoying managing your social media while working.  I have seen a friend who uninstalled his WhatsApp application on his phone since according to him was a distraction. According to him, while running a presentation for a job he had bidded, the constant notifications from his WhatsApp was so distracting that he had to turn off his phone since he did not know how to customize the settings on notifications from his WhatsApp platform.

Here are some tips to help you manage your social media platforms while you work.

  1. Turn off Unnecessary Notifications: Frankly speaking, some notifications can be annoying. Imagine being a member of a WhatsApp group and someone is just greeting “hello everyone” after every 5 minutes without dropping any reasonable message.  This can be irritating. In such instances you turn off the notifications under the app settings menu.
  2. Quit Unfamiliar Groups: Why stay in a group that discuss politics when your passion is in agriculture? No doubt sometimes the decision made in political groups do affect the farmers but when politicians are ‘doing their thing’ you don’t need to be there. All you have to do is stick to where you have fellow farmers discussing issues affecting your field.  By so doing you will limit the number of notifications that may cause any form of distractions while you work.
  3. Set Standards: This is not about ego. Sometimes you notice you just have to follow some conversations on the social media just to make sure you don’t hurt your friend at the other end. While this is commendable, I will suggest if the discussion is unnecessary especially while you are at work, you can pretend to be offline.  It is better to deliver your projects perfect and on time than struggle to keep a hundred conversations on the social media.
  4. Turn Off Active Chats: Normally, if you are not seen online your friends may not want to chat with you. Therefore, to control who sees you online, simply go to your chat settings and turn off the chat settings so that only people you intend to be visible to can actually see you online. This will help reduce the number of irrelevant chats in your box.
  5. Hire Us: For the extremely busy people, I will suggest you get in contact with techforest crew – you can use the number above or tweet us at @techforestng. We help you arrange your social media accounts responding to your clients and giving you the necessary feedback for your perusal at your leisure. You will agree with me that it is not advisable to stay offline without the necessary contacts with your clients and constituents and so to reduce this stress, techforest crew are always on ground to help out.


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