Network Subscribers Decries Poor Services in Uyo …Urge government to Invest in Telecom

Network Subscribers in Uyo
Subscribers could not connect to the internet even when the status shows they are connected.

Idongesit James – Uyo

Subscribers of various telecommunication platforms have expressed their disappointment in the services offered by telecommunications companies especially in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital.

Over the last 2 weeks, poor services provided by these companies have been the order of the day in the state.

Akwa Ibom State is the largest oil producing state in the Niger Delta region and has seen a huge influx of businesses in the last few years due to what resident explained as good administration by successive governments in the State. With good road network and provision of other basic amenities and infrastructure, there is a better opportunity for Small businesses therefore culminating to rapid increase in the population of the State.

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Unfortunately, this increase in business opportunities is seriously threatened by poor services by telecommunications companies. The quality of service provided by these telecommunication companies has continued to deteriorate from bad to worse.

Subscribers on the Globacom platform for the past two weeks living along Atiku Abubakar way, IBB Avenue, Olusegun Obasanjo way and Itam axis within the state capital have complained bitterly of not being able to access internet facility hence putting their businesses in a strait. Ekemini Udofot, a web developer in the area lamented to techforest recently as he displayed the screenshots on his phone and laptop to register his point. “I collected money from a client since 4 days ago and uptill now I have not been able to even carry out a domain search so that I can inform my client to carry on with the printing of his flyers.” He lamented to our reporter. “Most times it outrightly shows ‘No Service’ on my MiFi screen but often times when it gets connected, the pages cannot even be displayed.” The demoralized subscriber explained.

Network Subscribers Uyo
Asanga’s recent post on his Facebook timeline

However, in a swift reaction while interacting with our reporter in his office in Uyo, the branch manager for Globacom Nigeria Mr. Inyang, admonished subscribers to always call the company’s customer service. He said whenever such events occur “users should call the customer service center on 121, then such complaint will be directed to Uyo center by the center for prompt action.” He sighted instances that such error could be localized and that since it is not a general issue, the substations which is in Port Harcourt may not be able to detect such faults for immediate action.


Other subscribers on Airtel platform also laid down their disappointment on what they saw as outright wickedness to subscribers.

Inyang Umotong, a fish farmer complained that he uses the network to Google solutions to his fish farm but regretted that he has been cut off by the network in the past two weeks even when he had subscribed to 1.5 Gigabyte of data bundle.

Recently Ubong Asanga, the Sspecial Assistant to the commissioner for Environment in the State and a social crusader made a post on his Facebook timeline which reads “Dear Airtel, we deserve more”. Following up on the over 45 comments that followed the post, subscribers lambasted the service providers while relating their experiences on other network platforms like MTN and Glo. TechForest Founder, Ubong Nsekpong made effort to reach out to the regional manager of the company Ms. Alex but the lady responded that she has quitted the service of the company. Therefore the current management of the company in the region could not be reached as the time of filling this report.

Network Subscribers Uyo
Users can not access Messages and Notifications on their Social Media Accounts.

In 2017 we reported in techforest that the Akwa Ibom State Government in partnership with the Ministry of Niger Delta was planning a massive breakthrough in communication by the provision of optic fiber technology to all nook and crannies of the state. Residence therefore look forward to the completion of this project and encourage the state government to expedite action in this direction as the new ISP will be greatly patronized. The Optic Fiber technology is expected to put an end to the massive exploitation witnessed by subscribers in the State presently.

Saddening also, is the fact that these network providers have added 10% increase to every card purchased within the State even as their services continue to slip from bad to worse.


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