One of My New Year Resolutions this Year

New Yew Resolutions
The Nation Newspaper, Vol 12, No. 4182 published on Wednesday, January 10 2018 affirms our earlier opinion in this forest that Niger Delta Youths are productive people.

…is to work tirelessly making sure the National and International voices do not suppress my seeming little whispers in the Niger Delta forests.  Last Monday while doing my publication on IT Matters which I later published here in techforest, I made mention of the ideology that “Akwa Ibom youths are lazy.” “No, we are not”. I had expressed in the weekly column. On my traditions, I had tried to proof my point by pointing to Mark Essien of, even forgetting a dude who is also pulling the right strings at Start Innovation Hub right in the city of Uyo. Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom, a State in the Oil Producing Niger Delta of Nigeria.

A day after I published the article in #techforest, I visited Start Innovation Hub out of tradition. Two things normally take me there. To increase my faith and strengthen my hope in the future and to get inspired so that when I retreat into the forest I can have more stories to tell to the world. Once I step into Start Innovation Hub, an event will always remind me that there is something lacking in our society. Investing in the media therefore, those event serves as articles that seek to remind our leaders worldwide, that it is good to be charitable to the future.

Hanson Johnson is one young man I pray the oil of corruption will never anoint his head. He must maintain the focus. Each time I see young people cluster in tables, writing codes that brings them to global tech sphere within the walls of the hub, I feel proud to be a Niger Deltan. In dealing with him, I had wanted to draw government’s attention to ‘feteing’ – the #AkwaIbomJournalist way of expressing generous gift by politicians, young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the State. This will help generate revenue for the state while creating employment for our youths.

Seeing the impact on larger scale, I had used Mark Essien’s benevolence of training over one hundred developers in the Hotels.NG internship program to express my reservations. The impact of such massive and honest training can never be over emphasized.  I had therefore used Mark Essien’s hard work and dedication that birthed as an example that Akwa Ibom youths are not lazy. We are hardworking. I testify to the dedication required to build a software. Our sons have earned various medals both in the National and in the International circles. We have great ancestry whose successes were tied to hardwork. Therefore, it is wrong for anyone – globally, to refuse investing in youths in the Niger Delta Region.

New Year Resolutions
The appearance of the photos of two Niger Delta youths on the pages of the National Newspaper was another proof that beyond Militancy, there is abundant Human Resources in the Niger Delta Region.

Stepping into the rectangular hall of Start Innovation Hub I saw Hanson making some signs as I relaxed on a seat ignoring his unlimited jokes. “See weting I see this morning,” he said as one of his staff dropped the publication before me. On page 34 of the publication was Mark Essien and Hanson Johnson’s faces innocently displayed on the National Paper. “There is a spirit in the media industry,” I thought. This week I had decided to beam my searchlight on these young entrepreneurs in Akwa Ibom State, today a national paper is joining a man I had earlier mentioned with the I was going to meet now so I can talk more about him when I retreat into this forest. “WE ARE TAKING THE WORLD FROM UYO.” The thought came again wild and fresh.

Yes, my voice may be small but I thank God that at least, a couple of persons will hear that voice when they enter this forest. This year I will scream the little I can. Africa got talents. The white came to Africa and took us as slaves because we were naturally industrious. Our forefathers never read or write but were able to own great estates.  I still believe our government can do more for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Each man should be developed according to his talents.  This is how we will build strong communities. This is how we will be able to collaborate in the ecosystem. Viva ‘a vive. Nigeria will survive. There is hope in Africa. #AfricaGotTalents.


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