Save_Ibom_Science_Park, The Campaign so Far.

Ibom Science Park

As stated earlier, last year I initiated a campaign to draw government’s attention to the abandoned Ibom Science Park.  The tech communities in Akwa Ibom State are looking forward to have something similar to the popular silicon-valley and most, if not all techies have been supporting the campaign so far with others offering their Facebook accounts to support the campaign.

We are optimistic that the present government in Akwa Ibom State is a listening government and will sooner or later see what could be done to change the narrative as regards the Science Park. Unfortunately, recently Akwa Ibom State was rated as one of the states with the highest rate of unemployment by the Bureau of Statistics on Unemployment Rating.  Though the Akwa Ibom State government faulted this report on several tabloids, the truth remained that I founded #techforest out of unemployment with the aid of maybe, the ‘Dakkada’ philosophy.

Apart from the National rating, a top government official has once confided in me that “why we have so many youths going out to support campaigns and other government functions is because of the high rate of unemployment.” “In climes where the youths are largely engaged, you can’t have young people occupy the stadium in unsolicited solidarity. This happens because Akwa Ibom youths are lazy and largely unemployed, hence everyone is a politician and or media aide to politicians.”

Ibom Science Park
Thousands of unemployed youths in Akwa Ibom State turn up for unsolicited solidarity during political events. A menace that could be curbed if the Ibom Science Park is put in place.

Though I disagreed with some of the assertions by the honourable, I must agree our youths are largely under engaged.  Where I disagree in totality is that Akwa Ibom youths are lazy.  No, we are not. At least I have seen some young people in the state come up with great ideas and do wonders with the scarce resources available for the none political class in the state. How then will anybody tell me Akwa Ibom youths are lazy?

I am proud to tell you that the founder of, a popular hotel booking site in Africa is owned by an Akwa Ibom son.  Before breaking even in programming, I can assure you that it takes consistency, dedication and self-denial to a certain degree, therefore if Mark Essien could make it then we only need to search within the Akwa Ibom ecosystem and discover more of such talents and maybe ask ourselves why our youths within the shores of Akwa Ibom State seems lazy and unproductive.

The answer to these questions sometime is related to our environment. For instance, while our youths struggle to move to Lagos State to explore the energy in the computer village and get engaged with famous establishments in the already populated Lagos ecosystem, the Akwa Ibom State government had since abandoned the well-designed Ibom Science Park to rodents and reptiles while offering our youths weapons – produced by android iOS which we can study and replicate, to silence those who will ever suggest an alternative.

Therefore, faith in our ecosystem is needed to help our youths become more useful. It is said that the equipment at the Ibom Science Park are obsolete but below is an analogy that will help us understand better the need to revisit the Science Park for the sake of our collective future. The Ibom Science Park can be a positive beginning to the expected future in tech.

Now here is a post I made on Facebook about the guys comment.

While encouraging the #save_Ibom_Science_Park campaign yesterday, a friend gave an analogy that nearly explain the whole situation.

“The whole thing is,” he explained “if you requested for a laptop in 1980 and it was not given to you, then in 2018 you are requesting for the laptop again, does it mean you must be given the 1980 model you earlier requested?” He queried.

“This is the position of the #IbomSciencePark. If the old design is obsolete, then add new features, if the land mass is too small, then expand it, just like Dell is not producing 1990 model computers then #IbomSciencePark should not rely on 2002 model after all technology is evolving and even your new design will someday be upgraded to meet up new standards. All we are saying is that we must start something in tech and #IbomSciencePark is the ideal place.” He concluded.

While this guy spoke I had retreated mentally into #techforest and was just imagining what we can achieve if we #save_Ibom_Science_Park.


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