StartUP Friday: As the Clock Ticks Away

StartUP Friday

About two weeks ago I started a discourse on this platform about an upcoming event which is designed to bring enthusiasts, professionals and novices together to learn, network and pitch.  As I put this together, all is now set for the great event to hold at Emerald Event Centre, 119 Edet Akpan Avenue (4 Lane), Uyo on the 9th of March this year.  According to the organisers, the event will commence by 8:30am same date.

As earlier expressed, StartUP Friday is a component of StartUP Café designed to bridge startup growth gab by enriching the development processes of new tech-driven businesses through “meet-up” with successful entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, technology buyers and enthusiasts in major tech clusters across Nigeria. It is a gathering of critical tech development community to facilitate networking and exchange of ideas and information such as business financing, marketing, pitch preparation support, tech products and services etc.


Powered by the Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE), a subsidiary of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to drive ICT innovation and entrepreneurship across the country to increase job creation, wealth creation and national competitiveness, the event is designed to solve the problems faced by startup founders in growing the tech ICT businesses.

Why then do I have to remind you of this event again and again?  Recently I have been having some difficulties explaining the difference between an unemployed youth and an idle youth. While I believe the former is a young person who have the required skills to fit into an organizational chart, the later do not possess any qualifications that can conveniently fit him or her into any oganisation – a situation faced by millions of youth in Nigeria presently.

The fight against unemployment therefore has taken various dimensions in recent years by the Government of Nigeria. Though most Nigerians believe the government is adamant to the plight of millions of young people who daily graduates from various institutions into the labour market, the truth remains that the same government is quietly working modalities to help young people find alternative route to being employable.

One of such routes is the creation of OIIE, an office to help young people find their feet as tech entrepreneurs.  In order to get these young people engaged for the task they are billed, the office organizes StartUP Friday, an event that help young people understand the working of the industry and how they can fit their talents into the rapid growing tech industry to become employers and employable.

As the clock ticks away therefore, it is necessary for every young person not only in Akwa Ibom State but the entire Niger Delta zone to get registered for StartUP Friday coming up in Uyo on the date I earlier mentioned.  It is easy for everyone to blame the government for the plight we undergo as individual and as a community, and it will be religious too if young people can take advantage of the opportunities created by the government to tackle some of the problems currently faced by the citizens.

Remember, every father has the will to see his kids grow into a successful adult in different fields.  It is left for the child to understand the dream of his father as regards his welfare and work assiduously to complement his/her parent’s efforts in giving him a better future. Same happens in Nigeria of today, the office of ICT for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is designed to help young people find their talents in different fields through ICT, it is now left for young people to attend the coming event and network to get themselves registered into the various tech communities already in existence in Uyo for a great career ahead.

“Time and tide waits no man,” is a popular saying and “lost opportunity can never be regained.” I will never wish you lost this opportunity of finding a career in ICT and connecting with the right minds in the industry. Register now at and get prepared to start a career in ICT after the Ninth of March this year.


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