Startup South as Hanson Johnson Meets Stéphane Romatet


More encouragements are coming in to the Nigeria South-South and South-East ecosystem as renowned characters across the globe continue to speak of the future of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Africa. Recently, such assertion was the pronouncement of the French Ambassador to Egypt, Stéphane Romatet.

In his Facebook post, Hanson Johnson of Start Innovation shared the leader’s thought during their visit to his private residence. “The future of Africa is not traditional. It is digital, it is Innovation, it is entrepreneurship, it’s all about Startups. Innovative plans and Technology is what will drive Africa to the next level. ” The Ambassador stated.

Start Innovation Hub CEO made a trip to Egypt on a Tech collaboration trip #FAC17 organised at the French University in Egypt. The Hub has pioneered several apps currently on the google playstore including the popular Afro Pot.

AfriLabs is a pan-African network of over 60 technology innovation hubs across 27 African countries. It was founded in 2011 to build a community around the rapidly e

Hanson Johnson French Ambassador
Stephane Romatet, French Ambassador to Egypt

merging tech hubs in Africa. AfriLabs is a technology networking and acceleration association that supports technology incubators & accelerators in Africa.

Each hub serves as a nexus for entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, tech companies and web/mobile engineers in its community.

The organizers believe that supporting hubs as infrastructure for indigenous technology innovation and knowledge creation enables Africa to participate in the global digital economy—a key contributor to future economic growth. The theme for the current meetup is on “Future of African Cities.”

With the Ambassador’s words, it is worthy of note that Startups in Nigeria South-South and South-East are currently on the right path even when there is little or no funding for hubs and startups in the region. Hubs in the region presently run as non-profit organizations who train young people free of all charges in various aspects of tech businesses. It is however the dream of these hubs to raise more youths in the tech community so as to help provide solutions to immediate problems in the region and Africa.


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