Startup Weekend Uyo, How we Roamed the Forest.

Start Up Weekend Uyo

“Let’s create an app that can replicate Akwa Ibom of 2050 in 2017,” I said jumping over the last small ditch on the narrow path that led to the stream. “How?” the other dude queried.  We were about 7 in the team and one person seems to be going ahead without minding the need of a voting quorum in case we needed one and one of us had to serve as a judge. “Guy follow the lead make we dey go.” The last man said, and I fell in the ranks next to the last man. After all, the subject of our expedition was ‘Let’s come together and build the future.’

“Yea. There’s a trail here,” the lead now said, picking up a seeming piece of metal from the floor. “What is it?” another queried, while the curiosity in me rose.  Hanson’s voice was now clear and I began to wander why the seven of us were brought to this venue same time at dusk without any pre-meeting. I hurried my steps, and positioned myself in the lead of the dude before me. Now more than ever, there was a new hope of solutions emerging before the end of mission.

Whatever the main lead had picked on the floor was not my problem. There was a Britain and America of 1717 and we’re always happy watching those clips even with the huge amount of data it requires.  Our children will also be excited to sell the images of our communities today to interested fellows in the future.  It will be a great story owing to what will be achieved in this journey. “Whatever we will discover in this mission must guarantee the future,” I thought to myself.  With the type of quietness observed, I roamed in my thought trusting the alertness of the guy in the lead.

I knew there were communities around so if I can interact, I will definitely find a solution. All I wanted to do is keep the memories alive.  “We don’t have a tradition of keeping memories alive, and so our young ones lack good examples to help build a strong community,” I thought.  With this team however, if I can create a future using technology, we may be able to use the examples of the present-day adventures as a source of inspiration while storing the images and the stories up for the future. Instinctively we all knew among us that all talents were complete in the team and our cameras were awesome.  Almost spiritual.

Startup Weekend Uyo
Collaboration will help us find solutions to some nagging problems within the communities.
Photo: Google Images.

We sighted a dark location far beyond our natural viewpoint. The guy in the lead called, “hey, there’s a community in that location,” he said pointing to the dark patch that looked more like a forest.  We hastened our steps while manipulating the winding paths with speed. Now it was glaring that it was a forest full of life and there were human beings occupying same spot.  “How do they manage to get sunlight?” I reasoned and noticed that far beyond their dwelling were farm steads. We meandered through the winding paths heading to the community within forest.

Now this was the right community for my expedition.  In an instant, If only we could understand their languages and thought pattern then we could help them keep their fleeting memories alive forever in a software. We turned on our gadgets and our photographer took the middle row sharing the line into two equal parts. From behind I could see the images clearly and was awed by how sharp the focus could capture from such an incredible distance.

We approached the forest and life seems to boom within.  We looked simple – or so we were taught to appear.  “The people there might be aggressive,” we were tutored.  We were even warned not to snap too many pictures since our cameras may capture some images which may be depressing if shared with some sane communities outside the forest. And if they discovered we had the power through technology to capture such images, our lives were at risk. The rule had been to play soft using technology to deliver them from their ignorance at the end.

This weekend as we will gather at Hubitz for Startup Weekend Uyo, we expect tremendous things to happen. It is the coming together of all actors in the ecosystem to collaborate in teams to create solutions needed in different fields and different communities.  Successful startups this weekend will be taken up to a higher level and we have mentors, and coaches to help you succeed in your startup.  The above story may take you to  an app expected to be the biggest revolution in the media industry within this region. Hotels.NG and Alert Nigeria are there to support techies with some basic needs to help them concentrate in building apps that will recreate the Akwa Ibom ecosystem.

Therefore whether you are a writer, blogger, doctor, lawyer business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists, etc. you should join us at Hubitz, 69 Enwe Street, Uyo to create work groups that will  form new startup companies after brainstorming for two days and pitching your demo on the final day -Sunday which is only for Presentations. Startup Weekend Uyo aims to harness the local skills and talents in creating compelling solutions to problems in our local communities. These solutions will be backed with viable business models that will sustain these startups.

Please if you want to read the concluding part of the above story, email us at or WhatsApp. State your name and your business.  Have you ever used technology in your business? What was your experience? Which firm did you contract? Were you satisfied with their services? What is the make of your phone? This information will help us communicate with you and give you needed solutions even as we gather.  It will definitely blow your mind what we have discovered in these communities within the forest.


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