Three Days with Ized Uanikhehi

Ized Uanikhehi

When Hanson Johnson of Start Innovation Hub sent us a message about the training on Digital Marketing I had taken the invite as ‘one of those trainings’.  As the founder of technology news web site, I only decided to publish the story for my readers to take advantage. But then, a second look at the flyer, I realized that the fee was affordable and could be compared with a few bottles of beer with some friends, I decided to join the class even if I will have to learn those things I already knew in the industry.

Ized Uanikhehi
Ized Uanikhehi

Ized Uanikhehi arrived the Ibom e-library on Monday, the 18th of September and the meeting was to last till September 20th.  Within the three days stay, Ized raised not less than 20 digital marketers in the Akwa Ibom ecosystem. At the end of the meeting the trainees were given a task to test run on social media and any other platform of their choice. The group was divided into strategist, content developers, measurement, etc.

The digital marketing professional informed the trainees that a digital marketer is not the person with the highest number of Facebook likes on a post. Rather, digital marketers are trained, exposed to various tools for their profession, etc.  Before her therefore, was the task of guiding the prospective digital marketers into the extensive syllabus the profession covers.

Digiclan Uyo Ized Uanikhehi
Digital Marketers in Uyo during the training

According to Ized, a digital marketer knows what his aim on the social media is. He or she strives to create the awareness, Influence consideration, Drive sales and finally grows loyalty.  At this point one will actually understand why most dudes with the highest number of facebook likes cannot deliver their political employers during elections – they lack the requisite skills to grow loyalty but unfortunately most of them missed the training.

Another important point raised during Ized’s training was how to grow your audience as a digital marketer.  Now before going on to the social media to market your product, you must know who your audience are. You must be able to ask certain questions like ‘what social media channels do they frequent?’ This question will help you know where to place your contents and where your audience can easily get engaged. Did you know even your audience’ social media habits should be understood by a digital marketer?

Digiclan Uyo Ized Uanikhehi
Some trainees

Now why I’m I bringing our experience with Ized into techforest? Akwa Ibom ecosystem is growing by the day. I had expected a large number of media practitioners within Uyo and its environs to turn up for the training but only 16 participants were recorded at the event. It is very unfortunate that before now even IT Practitioners believed that digital marketing is about accumulating higher number of likes on a Facebook post but with the training, participants now have a diverse view.

Well I may not have captured everything Ized deposited on digital marketers in Akwa Ibom ecosystem so you can help drop other suggestions on how to grow your audience, analyse them, target, convert them and retain them.  Finally, on the 20th of September before Ized’s departure, a community of digital marketers was established in Uyo and they are known as digiclan. If you are not a member of that clan, better stop parading yourself as a digital marketer.

Ized Uanikhehi
During the launch

DigiClan is a community of people working in the same industry committed to the growth of the Industry, to learn from each other, to collaborate, to foster networking between members, to Inspire growth in the Industry and set standards that will ensure that we all grow together.

DigiClan is in now at #DigiClanLagos, #DigiClanUyo, #DigiClanKaduna, #DigiClanAbuja, #DigiClanEnugu. Soon we shall cross into Africa and go global. The community is still open and you can start a career in ICT by joining the Digital Marketing team across Nigeria. Or what do you think?



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