Uyo as software developer capital of Nigeria

Uyo as software developer capital of Nigeria

A leading tech personality based in Nigeria has named Uyo as Software Developer Capital of Nigeria. In his recent tweet, Editi Effiong who is the founder at Anakle, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, said he was wondering how this development came about knowing Akwa Ibom State was at the bottom of the tech radar in recent times.

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“Been wondering how Uyo has become the software developer capital of Nigeria. What happened there? So many great devs coming out.” He tweeted.

In a swift reaction, Hanson Johnson, the country mentor at GDG Nigeria and CEO at Start Innovation Hub – a leading hub in Uyo has reacted to the tweet. “We will tell the story someday. We are angry set of people in an underserved environment choosing to channel that energy to help ourselves leveraging the platform technology provides.”

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Hundreds of youths in Akwa Ibom State have shown interest over the years in the development of software, web and mobile applications and has shown great enthusiasm in making Akwa Ibom a digital economy despite its current status. This effort has suddenly transformed Uyo as software developer capital of Nigeria.

Uyo as software developer capital of Nigeria

It could be recalled that 3 yrs ago Mark Essien of Hotels.NG – Africa’s biggest online hotel booking portal, had suggested the Ibom e-library be converted to an incubator. “Imagine having in the middle of Uyo a brilliant location dedicated towards innovation, technology and startups. It exists, but it’s being used as a library. It should become an incubator.” He had posted.

He made the recommendation while working on a partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology on bringing the HNG internship program to Uyo. In response to Editi’s tweet, Mark tweeted “Advocacy. Multiple people pushing it from different angles + active hubs and support. Start pushing the narrative too and the wheel will continue spinning. Next will be to figure out how to not make many leave to Lagos.”

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Some techies however acknowledged the role of the present government in the State in pushing this dream though highly negligible. The immediate past commissioner for Science and Technology granted Start Innovation Hub a free working space at the Ibom e-library while the Akwa Ibom Employment and Enterprise Scheme – AKEES, provided a comfortable free working space for RootHub at the coveted AKEES plaza. And these are the two major hubs in Uyo while others struggle individually.

The Akwa Ibom tech community is indeed one of Nigeria’s fastest growing tech- ecosystem. Over the years, the communities have churned out new crops of techies while collaborating with global tech giants like Google, Facebook, IBM and even the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria. Collaboration has also been a watchword in the ecosystem.

With Anakle founder planning to join the ecosystem, the energy level of the ecosystem is expected to reach a fever level as more software and tech solution is expected to hit the market in the nearest future. With this positive results gotten from the little support from the Akwa Ibom State government, it is expected that more hubs will be given an opportunity to thrive within the State’s tech ecosystem. You can click here to follow the conversation.


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