Wealth Creation in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region through Active Engagement in Tech

Wealth Creation Niger Delta
Combating crimes in the Niger Delta Region has been a problem over the years and engagement in tech seems to provide a way forward for youths in the region.

In 2014, the “President and Chairman in-Council of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr. Ademola Olorunfemi described technology as the fastest way to create wealth, saying it remains the shortest route through which Nigeria would create wealth and attain greatness. Olorunfemi stated this during his inauguration as the 29th President of the society in Abuja,” Vanguard Newspaper had reported on its official website.

“He said technology has become so indispensable that it has become next to the gift of life, considering the way it has brought relief to every human activity. He said it was not surprising that both developed and developing economies embrace engineering and technology as the basis of their progress. According to him, South Korea, as a matter of deliberate policy developed her engineering capacity in key cutting edge areas including semiconductor electronics, telecommunications engineering, computer hardware and software engineering, as well as genetic engineering.

This policy, consequently transformed her from the rubbles of destruction of the Korean war in the 50s to become a world knowledge and innovation power, with her per capital income rising from a mere $67 in 1953 to $430,000 today. He argued that for Nigeria’s quest for economic emancipation to come to fruition, it must follow the logical pathway, which is technological emancipation. He added that the only basis for the society to offer its renewed and active partnership with the Nigerian government and people is that Nigeria must first seek engineering conquest, in order to gain technological emancipation, upon which economic prosperity shall be made manifest.

Wealth Creation
Dr. Amina Sambo-Magaji, Coordinator OIIE, addressing techies at Start Innovation Hub Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

He outlined the most critical contributions that engineering can make to the realization of Nigeria’s vision as: instigating and nurturing the technological work force, knowledge and innovation to facilitate the technical change needed to transform the economy and make it globally competitive; contributing the technical and vocational work force to operate, service and maintain the equipment and facilities for industrial production and provision of services for the populace and developing, managing and sustaining the physical and technical infrastructure that will be the supporting super structure for the country’s competitive development.” The paper reported.

How then can young people take advantage of the current trend in technology to create Massive Wealth in the Niger Delta Region?

Technology Changed the Way We Make Money:
The way technology is used to generate money is one of the biggest marks of the 21stcentury.

A hundred years ago, the notion that someone could be paid $100,000.00 that approximately N3,000,000.00 per year to work primarily at home without performing any hard labor was unimaginable. Today, IT professionals can easily pocket more than $100k in this way because their skills are so highly valued.

Tech also makes starting your own business not just a lucrative endeavor, but one that’s highly recommended. You can do it with very little to no post-secondary education because technology has set it up for you to do so.

Sam Ovens, for example, designed his own consulting business and turned it into a company worth more than $10 million by the time he was 25 years old. He dropped out of college at 21 without a dime to his name, but was determined to make his fortune.

Ovens had profitable skills that could be spread across social media, email, video chat, and advertising as he sold his business online and over the phone. “I took everything I knew about starting a consulting business and turned it into an online course. I started selling the course. The course grew bigger than my main consulting business,” he explained to The Epoch Times.

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Building wealth was dramatically simplified by Oven’s ability to market online as well as by other technological means. Making millions of dollars overseas was largely regarded as an impossible feat before we had the ability to communicate and market ideas to the other side of the world.

The way we make money will continue to evolve, thanks to existing tools and those to come. Making millions is suddenly possible, thanks to the available information about stocks and investing.

The Government within the Niger Delta Region can also help the sector through:
1) Detach Tech Empowerment Projects from Politics: In building and supporting the ecosystem within this region, the government must see tech entrepreneurship as that which must be pursued with all honesty than as a compensation for political favours. This will help developers and tech practitioners in the region get the best from any government sponsored tech empowerments. It is unfortunate that whatever entreprise the government sets out to achieve, once the politicians are involved, such entreprises usually end with the media and various committees being set up.

Wealth Creation
Crimes like bunkering could be checkmated if a proper road-map for tech innovations in the region is designed.

2) Draw up a Master Plan for Tech Innovations: As narrated above by the NSE president, the government in building the tech ecosystem must draw up a road map for tech innovations in the coming years. Such road maps for instance will help the government harness creative minds in the secondary schools and incubate them in a special facility that will help groom and build their talents over a period of time.

3. Encouragement of Existing Tech Startups: the very first question that comes to the mind of every beginner is to go in search of who has made it big in the industry. With these mentors, young people are encouraged to stake their time trying to build something that can proffer solution to their problems in the ecosystem. Therefore, organizing great events that will provide reasonable funding for startups in the Niger Delta region will encourage young people to get actively involved in tech businesses and create solutions so as to be part of the winners at such events. Indeed this is one of the ways to combat crimes and other vices in the region.


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