When Data is Power

when data is power
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Before we talk about when data is power. I want to say Hurray! We’re getting closer to Christmas. What a time to be alive. Everyone has just got something doing. We now have professionals standing out in different fields. We have the bloggers doing their best to dominate the Information Technology space with dynamic contents. Money seems to be waiting somewhere, but alas, there will be something to share if you’ve really worked right.

So let’s talk about when data is power. What is the aim of going online with your business? Sometimes you’re not even sure of the next source of fund to run your generator but you need to buy ‘data’. You strife to be online, right?

Before you deviate from my line of thoughts remember that my own definition of data in this context is the collection of information from your users in order to make sells in due course. Hahaha I know you were thinking of MTN and Airtel data.

“So who is a user?” I know you will quickly ask. Anyone accessing information from your own domain is a user. At this point it could be from a computer or mobile device. From the time of locating your url to the time he leaves your pages, that person is a user. We will talk about domains and urls anytime soon.

Linking my definition of data with who a user is, data is power when you are able collect the data of users into a database where you can reuse them when selling your products online. In a more advanced description of this term, it is the tracking, collecting and sorting of your users’ record.

OK, now you’ve got that. How do you get the user to give you his records? Let me really sit up here because if I am not careful in my explanations, I may end up inciting another war between the journalists and the bloggers.

There are various strategies deployed when trying to get the user to give you his or her information. One of such strategies is the creation of what I may term dynamic content. ‘I know the English gurus out there will ask how content can be dynamic?

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In computer programming dynamic content is when you’re able to create a content into a function that could be reused by several other pages. In creating dynamic content you create a function that you call in other files and pages where you want them displayed.

Let me not confuse you here. In creating dynamic content aimed at collecting data from your users you have to obtain specific training on certain strategies that will make this possible. One of such training is the skills involved in creating content for online publications.

You know generally, when writing you are putting out information. Yes, that’s mostly true for hardcopy writers which I may term as static contents. In creating dynamic content for online users, you think of how you can make your users interact with the content.

Well, I know you’ll say, “How does that affect my business?” But understand, this is always the first stage for most business engagements. Whether online or offline (face to face marketing). This is the point of interaction before engagement.

In the present world where Machine Learning and Robotics is taking over the IT Industry, this is also made easy through automation. Please let me not dwell more on this, understand this is whole topic on its own in digital marketing. Let’s introduce another strategy.

Games! Hahaha I know you never thought of this. Games on your website can do a whole lot in keeping your users and making them drop the information you need to work with in future.

Imagine placing a game on your website or blog where the winner is given a token. People will compete. Don’t you think so? You can place a dice on your site for visitors to roll and the winner gets some cash rewards. You can set the winner to be the hundredth thrower of the number 7.

Now you may need a certain level of programming skills to achieve this. I’m not really sure if a wordpress template can help you achieve this. If it does? Good. If it doesn’t, then your knowledge in JavaScript and a backend programming like PHP or Python can help you achieve this.

Finally you don’t have to be a guru to achieve this. You can get the help of a programmer to build you an interface where you will insert these functionalities. It sure help.

So data is power only when you are able to collect the users’ data from your application, store them in a database, then reuse it either for marketing purposes or to share information with a political undertone.

I have talked about data here, content creation, programming and so on. If you have an idea to share about this column or you need to learn more on this, please feel free to call the number above or send a message. Don’t forget to remind me that you are my user from this column.


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